Crochet Magic Ring, the ring to rule all Amigurumi Patterns

Crochet Magic Ring, I’m sure you were already introduced to it. If not, it’s time for you to know it!

When I started making amigurumis they all begun the same way: ch3, sl st to first ch to form a ring or ch2,  “x” sc  in the 2nd ch from hook. Does that sound familiar? This technique usually leaves quite a hole in the first round, looking not so tidy. So if you’d like your amigurumis to look perfect beginning to end the magic ring is the solution for you. And once you’ve learned it, there’s no going back.

So let’s start with this tutorial!

– First, start by making a loop with your yarn (1)

– Then hold your loop with your thumb and ring finger. (2)

– Insert your hook through loop, yarn over and chain 1. (3)

– Next, insert your hook through the loop and sc. (4 &5)

– Repeat sc for 5 times. (6)

– Now hold your work with one hand and pull the tail of the ring with the other hand. (7)

– And we’re done! See what a perfect first round? No holes!

Crochet Magic Ring

Can you agree with me now that the Crochet Magic Ring is the ring to rule them all?

Now, looking forward to put your new knowledge to test? How about a new crochet project?

By Ana Yogui

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I am happy to see this in a print because I don’t follow the videos well. Thank you.

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